*Pre-Order Mini Bundle or Naked Bundle

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Please Note that these will roll out slowly and shipping is expected to be Mid May. 

Original hand printed designs

Naked Bundle Includes - Everything but the cloth 

Mini Bundle Includes -  Mini hand printed cotton handkerchief, hand printed papers (5x7 - Japanese paper types vary), 1 hand printed post card, 2 hand printed & hand made washi cards (Made in Japan), 1 Narrow envelope (contains 12 pieces), 1 hand printed mini letter set (comes with 1 envelope, 2 writing papers and 1 cover page) plus small envelope with matching ephemera (hand printed round stickers & coordinating plain colored paper) 


* Please note that the Sakura sets in the photos were stamped with the word for 'Rose' by accident. The Sakura set will come with the 'Sakura' word on it (see last photo)

2 different designs (there are different color options for each design so please pay attention to the details and photos.) 

'Rose' - color options are 

Light Blue/ Wheats and browns (with orange and yellow center) 

Vibrant Green/Wheats and browns (with orange and yellow center) 

Wheat/ Wheats and browns (with orange and yellow center)

Mauve/ Wheats and browns (with dark pink and yellow center) 

'Sakura' - Color 

Wheats/Browns - with orange highlights on the borders of the flowers with a mixture of orange and other colors in the middle. 

Wheats/ Browns - with dark pink highlights on the borders of the flowers with a mixtures of colors in the middle. 

These designs were made with my own hand carved stamps - along with two small stamps received from The Stationery Selection©these two are the small solid circle and the circle dots that were used in the middle of the flowers). Other stamps used in the narrow envelope are from Niconeco©, Cats life press©, and Yeon Charm©