Nourish Your Body With Good Food

I'd like to introduce to you the chef that I have partnered with. Chef Luis specializes in local Cajun and Asian cuisines with a bit of a twist. His Native American and Panamanian background comes through in a lot of his dishes, creating a unique blend of different cultures coupled with traditional local for a next level experience. 

One of my future goals for my shop is to start offering more things that promote health and togetherness through foods and I could not be more pleased to work with Chef Luis. 

For this Black Friday collaboration we put our minds together to come up with a set that is unique to me - with my hand printed papers - and recipes that are unique to Chef Luis' background. The gift set is meant to encourage gathering with family and friends and taking the time to document those special moments by journaling. We hope that you will like what we've come up with and that you will enjoy trying the recipes and sharing them with family and friends. 

(This set is almost entirely hand crafted using some of my favorite Japanese papers. )


More about the recipes that are offered in this gift set ...

Here in Louisiana, we always love when the weather gets colder because that means we get to cook - and eat - Gumbo. These common (to us) foods are often cooked around the holidays at gatherings and is also the inspiration behind the designs. 

Sassafras leaves are dried and crushed to make a powder that not only flavors the Gumbo, giving it that distinct Gumbo flavor, but it's also used as a thickener. Traditionally, Gumbos are made using a roux as the base for the gravy, but Native Americans in our area used Filé instead - Filé is made from the leaves of the Sassafras tree, as the base and thickener - giving this traditional Gumbo a unique flavor. 

Kumquats are common to this area and November is usually the time we pick these. They're just perfect on their own - no peeling, just pop in your mouth and enjoy - but they're really good in local desserts - giving them a slightly different and unique citrus flavor. 

Pralines are as New Orleans as it gets as far as desserts go. You will find that the recipes vary depending on the area and family, but no matter how you make them or what you add, pralines are pralines and they're so good. The holidays would not be the same without a big plate on the table for guests to enjoy - I especially love Chef Luis' pralines. 

I really hope you enjoy the new edition to my site and the recipes encourage you to gather together and form new traditions and make new memories - and don't forget to take notes along the way.