Nurture Your Relationships With Others

When I am making and packing an order, I always imagine what the recipient will do with them - decorate their journals, or decorate letters...hoard them like I do :D ...I always wonder, but never know. One of the things I really hope they do, is use some of the papers to send a letter or mail a post card to someone. I hope this because I have seen first hand how those who are alone wait all day for the mail to come - because it is the only thing they have to look forward to on a daily basis.

There are those among us - young and old - who really are all alone. There are those among us - young and old- who have only themselves and maybe one companion to see or speak to daily. There are those among us who have children that have moved away. There are those among us who are disabled and unable to leave their homes. There are those among us with all sorts of situations that are different than our own situations/lives - being conscious of this and remembering them does not take a lot of time.

Send that note, letter, or post card...or stop by for a visit. I cannot tell you how many times I was in a rush and instead of cutting someone off, I stopped and smiled and listened -  and some time later - I walked away feeling like those were among the most beautiful minutes of my life. Sometimes, we just need to listen and acknowledge someone. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Send that letter. Make that phone call. Pay that visit. Stop and smile and listen. Engage in the conversation. These are gifts that are free (or practically free) to give, but they can make such a difference in others - and the world.