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Pre-Order Flower Print Pack

With the weather so beautiful these days, and Spring in full bloom, the only thing on my mind is eco-printing. Unfortunately, I do not have the time at the moment so I opted for a sort of faux eco-print - using more than 20 of my hand carved blocks/stamps. 

Each set comes with 2 kitchen rags (2 different prints - one will be like the photo and the other will be monochrome in a coordinating color ) Rags are roughly 12x12 or slightly larger and the edges are torn and unfinished  - which adds to their charm.  Hand printed Japanese papers (5x7 - paper types vary) Hand made Chiri cards, hand printed post card, narrow envelope (12 pieces) mini letter set and a small pack of ephemera - which includes hand printed stickers, solid color coordinating papers **The word 'Spring' on the items in the photo will not be on the items you order ( you can ask for it during checkout and I will add it). 

* If you would like to have the 2 kitchen rags replaced with 2 mini cotton handkerchiefs, please leave a note during checkout and I will do that for you. 

Please note - The Pastel set has a faded - almost print-like - look due to the process in which I made them (it was an experiment that went better than expected ) Set does come with the numbers and the word 'memories' printed on it. If you would like to have either of these removed, please leave a note during checkout. 

Please know that I am deep into an ongoing project and because these  require a lot of detail work and time - they will ship out slowly.  You can expect these to ship some time in Mid May.  

There is a Green option available that is slightly more in price because it does not come with the same kitchen rags, but instead comes with one off-white kitchen towel - the material is a heavier cotton and it is larger in size with finished edges.\




Price reflects the materials and time needed to make these bundles. Thank you for understanding.