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UPDATED - 5/26 

Botanical Bundles that have been Naturally dyed with plants.

This is not something I normally offer in my shop and I am excited to be able to share this unique bundle with you. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed making them.  

 100% Silk - Botanically Dyed Handkerchief - with matching papers. Papers used are various Botanically dyed Japanese papers in different sizes. *see other items included below

100% Linen - Botanically Dyed Bread bags -  I have just a few botanically dyed bread bags - with 'matching' paper pack (I will match as close as I can to the bag) *see other items included below

100% Cotton - Botanically Dyed Kitchen Cloth - Botanically dyed with 'matching' paper pack (I will try to match as best as I can )  *see other items included below

Paper Bundle Only - The paper products only

Bundle Includes roughly 20+ Unique Japanese papers that have been botanically dyed and  some hand printed papers  - The hand printed papers are printed with my own hand carved stamps that will coordinate with the botanically dyed papers and cloth.

 Also Included in your pack will be a *NEW* product - A mini notepad. This notepad is hand made by me and contains 25 different paper types and is a mixture of botanically Dyed papers, hand printed, and printer printed papers. (2x4 inches) A  small pack of journal ephemera pieces that include frames & words hand printed on the botanical papers and scrap pieces of cloth.

**PLEASE NOTE - Because there are so many different patterns/designs, I have decided to offer these as 'mystery bundles - the designs will be picked randomly.

The colors are pretty much the same across the board, but do vary and each one is different in design. I will try my best to match the papers to the silk handkerchief/linen Bread Bag/cotton cloth. (if there is one in particular that you want, please email me) 


*Please be aware that these are all different and that some images are not perfect and crisp - botanical prints have a mind of their own and some of the prints may be blurred or slight bleeding has occurred in different spots during the making of these. 

I have tried to photograph them as best as I could, but please know there may be differences depending on lighting and your monitor. Also, please make sure that you are comfortable with the fact that these are not perfectly printed commercial pieces and have been done - lovingly - by me and are perfectly imperfect.  


Care Instructions for Silk Handkerchief/Bread bag 

These have been pre-washed with a gentle PH neutral soap and ironed. 

Quickly and gently hand wash in cool water with a PH neutral soap (no harsh detergents - I use Dr. Bonner's but you can use any soap that is gentle/PH neutral -  and hang to dry or iron on low silk setting (or setting suitable for Linen). Please do not keep in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this may alter or fade the prints.