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For those who love a neutral color palette - and not so neutral ;) - here's a new twist on my Naked Bundles, but at the same price! (sale price is for a limited time only)  

 This Washi Set includes 6 pieces - 4 hand printed and 2 plain(non-printed) papers in coordinating colors (sizes are 5x7 & 4x6). Some of the papers used are Gampi with tea flakes, hand made papers with inclusions, a Kozo blend, and others.

The Washi set also comes with a reusable rectangle tin which includes a charming little collection of about 30 small papers - 'tags' - using some of the same papers as the bigger ones (about half of them are hand stamped with coordinating design and frames ) plus my own hand made papers in coordinating colors, hand printed round stickers, and a hand printed Mitsumata Chiri card (card Made In Japan)

As seen in the photos, the designs are very basic ( small flowers may be added on some papers)  in order to maintain a neutral - almost minimalistic - aesthetic, allowing you the freedom to use them in a variety of different ways - even pairing them with other colors.

Total Pieces - a little over 40 

Colors available are :


Brick red/Wheat/Mauve

Seafoam Green

Dark Blue/Dusty Blue

Rust (not shown) 

Mustard *Note* - if you order the mustard, it may take longer to ship ( I am currently waiting on more ink to arrive )  

Note - this set is comparable to one of my Naked Bundles(the newer ones with more papers included) but contains a bit more.