February 25, 2022

Set Backs

By Sora Ahsan
Set Backs


I  am not sure what it is about me, but I am consistently dealt set backs in everything I do - yes, pretty much everything. 

Perhaps these are lessons in patience...or reality? Not sure which one it is but I do know that it happens for me so often that fear sets in if things are going well - on time and as planned - because I am used to it not going according to plans. I am starting to wonder if my subconscious is purposely playing games with me and that I (somehow) cause these sets backs deliberately? I think that is something worth pondering - but another day - For now, I will just breathe a sigh of relief because this work around turned out alright...even kinda cute. 

Here are some wonky stamps I carved to cover up my big mistake. I like how they're messy and not perfect - even the flowers (my flowers are rarely - if ever - anatomically correct). I purposely make them that way. I like the look of things that are not perfect because it reminds me of myself - of us humans - and how it doesn't  matter how hard we try, there will always be set backs and there will always be the fact that we are not perfect images/beings. And that's okay! It makes us kinda cute. It humbles us. Keeps us on our toes. Teaches us patience. And that makes us better human beings. 






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