February 04, 2022

Going Way Back

By Sora Ahsan
Going Way Back



Last weekend I spent some time going through the mounds of older stamps I carved and got lost for hours and hours sorting them. Seeing all those stamps brought me back to the time I carved them - to the people and boxes they were made for - and even all the way back to the very first stamps I carved (with erasers from the dollar tree hehe.) Going through them (and then looking at my oldest photos from early 2019) left me feeling nostalgic and wishing I could go back to that time. To that self that was so full of dreams and so full of confidence and innocence. At that time, it all seemed so easy - the thought of bringing all my ideas from my mind to my hands to others - was going to be so fun and exciting and I just couldn't wait. 

If I could go back and tell that self something, I would say, "wait! Hold up!. You might want to take this a little slower. You might want to do a little research first. Learn some things before you dive head first in shallow waters. Make sure you know what you want and what your goals are before you start".  Knowing myself, I probably wouldn't have listened - I would have still jumped - but maybe, just maybe it would have went a little differently. 

I am happy to still be here three years later. I am incredibly humbled and grateful that some of you all are still here with me. It is no secret that I am my own worst enemy, but for the most part, I am still here and I keep finding myself right back at the beginning - either with a new stamp or idea or feeling or state of mind - it all keeps bringing me back to where I started and why. 

This was not much of blog...I cannot seem to put together my words today - connect my thoughts and feelings with my fingers in order to type, so I will just leave you all with a throw back photo today.  

(it's so neat to see how I have evolved from the very first papers I made back in early 2019 :D - some of them make me cringe  and wonder what on earth was I thinking hahaha ) 











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