January 26, 2022

First Time Eco-Printing

By Sora Ahsan
First Time Eco-Printing

(Repost from 2021)

I stumbled upon some photos of shirts that were eco-printed using flowers and I was left in awe with how beautiful they were. I immediately starting researching more about eco - printing and then...well, then I bought flowers - lots of them! - and got to work.

I eco-printed some handkerchiefs ...



Then I pulled out some beautiful papers - Unryu, Kinwashi, and Kozo - and the results were amazing! Different papers resulted in different colors using the exact same flowers - I am sure there's some scientific reason for it, but I do not know what that is. 

Looking back at these photos is getting me excited for Spring when the Coreopsis bloom again - and I get to eco - print again....on EVERYTHING! 


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  • Enid on February 01, 2023

    Your items are beautiful! Are you still in business I am interested in making a purchase from you!

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