*Pre Order An Original Sora Ahsan Signature Insert

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 *Expected Shipping Time is late April 

Hand Stitched Inserts made with Junpakushi  -- An Original Sora Ahsan© Product since 2019.

If you are a lover of thin crinkly paper, you will love this insert made with Japanese Junpakushi.

The Junpakushi notebook is incredibly thin, due to the paper, but contains 50 blank pages , plus 10 hand printed pages. *please see note below 

 Notebook has vellum cover page

Cover is White Danshi - thinner than card stock

The notebook is hand stitched by me ( I wax the thread with beeswax )  

Inserts are Regular Standard TN size. Some other sizes are available by request - please leave a note during check out stating your size preference. If I am unable to fulfill your size request, I will contact you.  

Some Photos are shown for design reference only* The hand stamped papers( of the design you choose) will come sewn into the insert, not loose - please read the description carefully. 

*Note On Insert - Some photos show the design only for the inserts and not the actual insert/color. There are currently two sets available - 1 matches with the Collage Paper pack, the other with the Neutral Washi pack. I have added the initials CP & NW behind the colors for your reference. For custom option, please leave your color reference during checkout.  I apologize for any confusion and my lack of photos - inserts are made to order and I do not have all the colors made - Thank you for your understanding. 

 Note on Junpakushi -- while I have not had issues stamping or writing on Junpakushi paper, I have on occasion come across an ink that will lightly bleed or feather on this paper (archival ink pads seem to be iffy, depending on the color)  Chalk inks, certain fountain pens, and ball points seem to work best. I have water-colored on this paper with decent results -- as long as you do not saturate the paper. Pages are see-through and you will see the writing on the back of the page, but no bleeding (refer to photos) If you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchasing. 

** Please be aware that these are all hand made -- hand stamped and hand trimmed after sewn-- by me using an xacto knife so, they are not perfect machine cut and printed materials. While I try my very best to offer you a quality product for your hard earned money, there may be imperfections that are part of the hand made process and the materials used. I know not everyone can appreciate the perfect imperfection of a hand made product, so please be sure you know and understand this prior to purchasing -- Thank you :)